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Jim Peterson


    Jim Peterson began his onstage professional career at the age of 11.  Since then, he has held various positions in bands, including Guitarist, Bassist, Lead Singer, and Drummer-although; he’s quick to tell you, he’s the third most talented musician in his family!  Jim has seen the Northern Lights in the sky many, many times and now will be performing along side of them onstage!

     Jim estimates that he has been in about ten bands throughout the years, and very few of them were “short-lived."  Jim has also appeared with many local bands as a fill-in member as well.  “I’ve been lucky, because I always found a way to keep busy!”  Jim’s favorite band was one he started with his sons Jeff and Tony while they were growing up. The band was called “The Three-Petes”, and was definitely something to see!  The Three-Petes played private parties, store openings, city festivals, and occasionally in bars. The group was also featured on a couple of TV performances as well. “Playing with my kids was an awesome experience, they always got a lot of attention, and I gladly took the backseat!”  

     Jim has played nearly all styles of music, but remains a rocker at heart.  “All music is fun to play live, so that’s no problem, but what I listen to at home is another matter, entirely!”

     Jim also plays drums and sings in a three-piece band called “The Whackers”. The group plays at various locations in and around Grand Forks, North Dakota. “The other guys also play in separate weekend-bands, so our playing time is a bit limited. We often only have week nights available to work with, but it works out, we’ve been at it for about 8 years now, and it’s still a lot of fun!”

     Jim “Petie” Peterson, a well-seasoned vet with over three decades of experience, brings a lot to the table/stage! His extensive performing, diversified taste, rock solid drumming, great vocals, and lively stage banter is very important to the overall sound of the band. As a matter of fact, on his very first night with Tami Lee and The Northern Lights, the club-owner came to the stage and said “You guys have really got something here, there’s so much energy!” A band member responded- “that’s exactly why we hired him!!!”

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