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Tami Lee- Lead Vocals: The group is defined by the excellent vocal talents of 32 year-old Tami Lee, who has spent most of her life behind a microphone. Years of experience, hard work, drop dead good looks, and a great attitude have made her one of the most popular singers around. More than a singer, she's a true entertainer!

Alan Kiesow-Lead Guitar/Vocals:  Al Kiesow brings Lead Guitar and harmony and lead vocals to a new level, having many years of experience on stage. While working in The Country Music Field for nearly two decades, he not only "learned" about the music, He "mastered" it!

Jim Peterson- Drums/Vocals:  Driving the group from his drum throne with a fantastic sense of time and a great sense of humor. The Lights are thrilled to have Jim on board! With a rock solid steady beat, and a voice thatíll make many people jealous, Petie delivers night after night!

Micah Hamm- Bass/Vocals:  The newest addition to the show! Micah Hamm brings a wide musical variety to the show! We are excited to have Micah's talent, style and energy on board! He has a very strong instrumental background, and his vocal performances are second to none!!




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