Micah Hamm

Micah Hamm



Micah Hamm has been a musician in the Alvarado and Warren area of Northwest Minnesota for many years. His on stage career began when he helped form the band "Full Tilt". Micah Hamm served as a lead and backup vocalist, and bassist for the group which played many local clubs, fairs, street dances, and concerts. Micah Hamm has been writing original songs, some of which he hopes to release soon on his debut album.


Micah recently wrote "She Takes Everything" at the request of his mother, who had been moved by media coverage of the devastation and aftermath of Hurricane Katrina on the Gulf coast of Louisiana and Mississippi.


Micah wished to contribute to relief efforts and hopes that proceeds from the song will go toward funds to help victims get back on their feet.


Micah's awesome vocals, "wild" bass playing, and onstage antics are very welcomed with the Northern Lights Band! We all are thrilled to have Micah Hamm on board!






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