Chute 7 band... Great Country Band from Hibbing, more than music it's an attitude! Check out The Honky Tonk Attitude here!

Fire... A four piece group of buddies from The Grand Forks Area! Great music for every ocassion and every generation! Check out their site and go see them!

No Control...  A new rock group from the Thief River area! They have played together for a few years, made a few changes and are sounding GREAT! Jason Guzek is on drums-He STOMPS!

Midnight Reign Band...  Some buddies of mine who played around our area for years! They really know how to "kick butt"! They decided to do a reunion tour, and they sound better than ever!

Smokehouse Band... A Dancin' Swingin' Boogie-Woogie Party!

Dan "Solly" Solomon...  One great guy! A real talent too! Big Dan has "bailed us out" many times! Thanks Dan!

Wayne Renn Website... Spends more time on the road than Goodyear!

Sherwin Linton Website... A legend really!

The Four Wheel Drive Band…. AWESOME, but I guess they don’t have a website up yet, however I did ask Bump for his email address and he said it’s “Rural Route 1, Box 32, Fertile, Minnesota!!!

Brad Heck...  This is Brad's home page! He's a very talented guy, and yes, his last name really is HECK!

Tim Belgarde... Here is Tim's new site! Check it out! You can listen to some of his original material, plus he has a great history page worth checking out!



Polytone Amplifiers...  Here is the new website for Polytone. They are a small company who still "cares"! That's hard to find these days. Their amps kick butt!

Fender Website... A total musical legend! Fender Guitars!

Northern LightFX... This is the site for a new music store in Bemidji, Minnesota! Check them out! Yeah, we love their name!

Zzounds Website... A great resource for us poor folk!

JBL Professional... The best We've found!

Behringer... Very affordable, and worth every dollar!!!


Photography By Trish... Very Professional and artistic! Probably the nicest promo pictures Tami has done. Trish makes you feel comfortable and the proofs show it!




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