Alan Kiesow


Alan Kiesow


    Alan Kiesow grew up being surrounded by music. His earliest childhood memories include listening to old Buck Owens and Johnny Cash records with his Dad. Those early musical experiences proved to be building blocks for the fun and exciting career that would follow. During his “pre-teen” years he discovered the exciting world of “live” music. He and the rest of his family would often attend concerts and shows of all different types. It was the fall of 1983 that Alan attended his first big concert (We in 83, Detroit Lakes, Minnesota). It was that Saturday night during the Alabama concert that Alan simply made up his mind to play music professionally! Within a few months he was “scratching” out tunes on a cheap Harmony guitar. Then, his Dad promised to get him a quality electric guitar, if he would learn how to play Johnny Cash’s “Tennessee Flat-top Box”. Well, needless to say, Alan still has that Fender Stratocaster that his Dad got him, and of coarse it is a pretty special instrument to him. The song remains "special" as well. Within a short time Alan was on stage playing with bands at local events.

     Alan’s high school days were filled with music also, he credits his high school music teacher, Helen C. Anderson, for much of his success. “She helped me a lot in many ways, and I wonder if I would’ve even figured out how to play on stage if it hadn’t been for her!”  “She helped me line up my first band, which is hard to do in a small town, she also helped me get our first “gig” at the School, We sounded AWEFUL I am sure, but I think she was proud anyway!” When Alan graduated from Goodridge High School, Helen presented him with a unique gift. “She gave me a 5 dollar bill that she had folded into a flower, she told me I’ll probably need it someday if I stick with music!” “The truth is, I did need it many times in my life! And that is exactly why I still have it today!”

     The college years brought Alan some new opportunities too. It was then that he started to get steady work with bands. “Lonnie got me a job with The Four Wheel Drive Band back in 89, and it’s been a roller coaster ride ever since!” After his days with Four Wheel Drive, he played with many other groups around Northern Minnesota, including Redeye Review, Prime Suspect, The Bottom Line, Exclusive, Pennington Jones, The Outcasts, Marshall Jones Band, and many more. Alan became fascinated with playing live music, especially Country Music.  “In those days, if I wasn’t playing, I was listening, I couldn’t get enough of it!”

     In January of 1997 Alan started a 5 year stint playing Lead Guitar for J Bobby Hamilton and The Late Show Band. The band traveled and performed over much of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. “It was a wonderful experience! We put on a lot of miles, and we met so many great people!” Alan also traveled the south with J Bobby, making stops in Kentucky, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, and Nashville, Tennessee. “I learned a lot from J Bob, and I loved every minute of it, it was a great experience for a young musician!”

     Alan was in his mid 20s, well traveled, and well experienced in Country Music. He had opened concerts for artists including The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Marty Stuart, Steve Earle, The Kentucky Headhunters, Lynn Anderson, Kitty Wells, Jerry Reed, Williams & Ree, Lee Roy Parnell, The Dixie Chicklets and many other big name artists. “It was so fun to meet these major artists, and find out that they’re just normal people!” In early 2002, Alan put together his own group called The Violators. “It was a good country band! Top notch musicians too, just the way I like it!” Alan’s group the Violators “hit the ground running”, playing bars, casinos, concerts, street dances, private parties and more. “I learned with The Violators, that Music can be fun, if you let it be fun! A wise man once told me “the music will never let you down!” “And he sure was right!”

     A couple of years went by, and as the Violators Band needed to make some changes, Alan “stumbled upon” a young singer named Tami Lee. “Oh I was mesmerized by Tami, The great voice, the good looks, the great personality, I felt like my whole musical career had led up to this!” Alan and Tami got together and played a few songs. “I was so excited! Tami and I got along great musically, we were like 'Peas and Carrots!', I just knew we had to put something together immediately!” Tami Lee and The Northern Lights Band was born, a unique combination of artists who get along great and have a great time together.  Alan himself said it best “I've never been happier!, and with a singer like Tami Lee the sky’s the limit, I love it!"

KKAQ Radio Party

NCTC Jazz Band

High School Band 1987

With Gene Watson!

Me and Randy Owen!

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Show

DW's in Goodridge

Fair 1997

Chute 7




Street Dance

With Marty Stuart

With Faith Hill

With Terri Clark

Marty Roe

Neal McCoy

The Dirt Band

J Bob

Fair in TRF

Country Fest

River Road




1991 in Trail

Backstage with Alec

Kim Richey

Penn Cty Fair

Pennington Jones

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Marshall Jones








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