Name: Alan Erick Kiesow 

Title: Lead Guitar, Vocals, Sound Engineer

Hometown: Goodridge, Minnesota

Birth Date: April 7, 1971

Birth place: Thief River Falls, Minnesota

Nick-Name: None yet! (email your suggestions!)

Education: Goodridge School, Northland College, United States Highways!

Quote: "Life is Short...But it sure is wide!"  & ďThe Pleasures of Life In A Hillbilly Band!"

Favorite Music: Country (upbeat)

Favorite Singer: Tami Lee

Favorite Songwriter: Kim Richey

Favorite Musician: 90ís Marty Stuart

Favorite Actor: Robert Deniro

Favorite Actress: Julia Roberts

Favorite Movie: Back To The Future

Favorite TV show: Fargo, Pawn Stars, The X-files, Breaking Bad

Favorite Book: Thomas The Train, "A Crack In The Track"

Best Gig: Growler Days, Leader Minnesota!

Influences: Waylon, Johnny Cash, Back Behind The Barn Boys, Alabama, Steve Earle, Foster and Lloyd, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Ricky Skaggs, Mel McDaniel, Marty Stuart, Restless Heart, Buck Owens, Dierks Bentley, Kieth Urban, Emmylou Harris, Southern Pacific, Diamond Rio, Radney Foster, Live & Kickiní, The Desert Rose Band, Haggard, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, and Del Paxton!   

Pet Peeve: Oldies Music

Why Music: I donít think you pick music, I think it picks you.  I was about 12 years old when I realized I wanted to play guitar, at that point-there was no stopping me! I guess it had to happen!  ďA Painter Must Paint, like a player must play!"

Children: 1 son Alec (16 Years Old)

Pets: A cat named Richey, A rabbit named Willie, 2 fish

Heroes:  Petie, Tom, Beizy, Doc, Bob, Matt, Bert, John, Terry, Wayne, Greg, Stephen, Vicki, Shane, Bump, Taus, Rick, Leeper, Roger, Cathy, Sparky, Ray, Rockie, Gary, Rodell, Rooster, Rich, Watson, Jason, Sara, Neil, John, Dave, Kevin, Shelly, Scott, Jimmy, Rick, Bill, Kevin, Kari, Sue, Ronnie, Lonnie, Randy, Greg, Julie, Animal, John, Todd, Joel, Shane, Ray, Jody, Jerry, Donald, Brent, Robbie, Mike, Ryan, Darrin, Aaron, Kenny, Gene, Tommy, Rick, Donnie, Chuck, Penny, Dick, Hoagie, Cody, Merf, Big Dan, David, Chris, Max, Tami, Solly, Dale, Bill, Mike, Matt, Tracy, Donavan, Tyler, Tim, Gares, Mighty Oak, Jim M, Janie, Kelly, Jeff, Jim Jr., Scotty, Bill, Donny D, Terry, Billy, Norm, Duane, Jason, Mark, Micah, Cory, Rick, Kenny Sr, Kenny Jr, Bob, Jer, Louie, Mike, Clayton, Randy, Drew, Pete, and nearly everybody else that Iíve ever had the pleasure of sharing a stage with!

Interests/hobbies: Besides music? My Son, Friends and Family, Work, 

Equipment: I love Telecasters!- a Fender Custom Shop '51 Nocaster, a 1990 called Old Red, a 2002 pink paisley nick-named Cupcake, a 1988 Blue Flower Power Tele I call Twinkie, A 94 American Standard Tele, (a few more too), A closet full of Strats, an OLP Axis guitar, and a few other no-name guitars, A Rogue Grand Concert Acoustic, Fender FV-1 Electric Fiddle, 2 Polytone amplifiers (they rule!), Korg effects and tuners, NADY wireless,Tons of Behringer stuff, JBLMains, Behringer mx32-8-2 house board, Studiomaster monitor board, QSC power, Crown power, Yamaha Effects, Old Dodge Cargo Van!

Equipment Wishlist: Old Telecaster (preferably 50ís!), Martin D-28, Another Polytone amp (they rule!), New Dodge Cargo Van!,  

Goals: Pay off my Hi-interest credit card debt!-DONE: July 2006!!! And purchase a cell phone that actually works!

Iíd like to thank: Mom and Dad, the Good Lord Above, And my son Alec!

Turn ons: Live Music, telecasters, and nice girls!

Turn offs: DJs

Website most visited: Ebay