Name: Jim Peterson

Title: Drums, Vocals, Stage Lighting

Birth Date: Dec. 21, 1959 (Note: same b-day as another Northern Light!)

Birth Place: Breckenridge, Minnesota

Nick-name: Petie, J.P., Nimbus (in college), Borat and Flanders!!!

Education: BS from MSUM and UND

Favorite Quote: "Let 'em Burn... Let 'em Burn All Night!!! "

Favorite Music: Rock n Roll

Favorite Singer: Erik Broederson

Favorite Musician: Roy Finley

Favorite Actress: Helen Hunt

Favorite Movie: Southern Comfort

Favorite T.V. Show: Frasier, The Late Show with David Letterman

Influences:  Too many to name here...

Pet Peeve: People buying lottery tickets when they can't afford them!

Why Music:  Watching girls go crazy over musicians and thinking to myself, "That's a GOOD career!"

Children: Two Sons, Jeff and Tony (Both very talented musicians!)

Pets: No Way, absolutely Not!

Heroes: The Beatles

Interests, hobbies:  Sports, Reading, and Driving to Fergus Falls!

Equipment: Never bothered to keep track!

Goals: To see my sons get famous.

I'd like to thank:  Our Sponsors!

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