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2005 Journal

December 26, 2005

Hi Everyone,

Our week at the Shooting Star went well, but the crowds were abit sparce compared to our past few visits. I imagine that with Christmas around the corner, people weren't too inclined to out out.  Now with the gift giving part done, I suppose more folks will venture out. Tami and I enjoyed our birthday by watching movies.  That Elvis is something! I'm excited about our New Year's Eve night.  Look on our schedule for info on that if you'd like.  It should be a blast. Have a great holiday season and I'll talk with you soon.




December 13, 2005

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Tami Lee and the Northern Lights!! May your holiday be merry and bright! We just played a fun weekend in Roseau, Minnesota. I want to give a big "Thanks" to everyone at the American Legion there. If you did not get a chance to see us, we want to invite you to the Shooting Star in Mahnomen December 20-23.  It would be great to see you! Please come out and spend part of the holidays with us!

Take care and have a wonderful 2006!


Tami Lee


December 12, 2005

Hi Everyone,

Well, we played our first gig in Roseau.  I think it went ok.  I hope we can go back. We have a well deserved week off and then we hit the Shooting Star in Mahnomen, MN for 4 days(Dec 20-23).  It just happens that Tami Lee and myself will be celebrating our birthdays on Wednesday of that week.  I'm abit older than she is.  That's all I'll say about that.  If you can catch us at the Shooting Star, please do so and come and talk to us.  We'd all love it if you did.

Merry Christmas!!!




December 4, 2005       (where does the time go!)

Howdy Gang! I just home from another fun filled weekend in South Dakota! The Dakota Souix Casino has been very good to us. I need to say a special "THANKS" To the house soundman MATTHEW. Matt works a very tough job, he has to satisfy many people, and manages to do it perfectly! Matt works extra hard to make the show go on! Matt's had some problems with the law! But other than that-he's allright!!!!  ha-ha-ha-ha-ha (Thanks for playing guitar Matt!)...

I just got some more Early Pictures of Tami! They are absolutley adorable! Check them out here! Tami started music very young! Here's the proof! CUTE!!!!

This weekend we travel to Roseau Minnesota (American Legion), Then we have a well earned and much needed weekend off. Then we are back at the Shooting Star.

Thanks again to everyone for coming to the shows, all the kind words, and support! You folks sure make this type of work fun!  I Thank You!

Final Thought....  Tami and I were discussing her CD sales recently. They have been selling fast! (Thanks again Folks!). Anyway, we were thinking that we may record another CD soon. It would be all of us, probably, doing a lot of cover songs and some of the more requested material. Let me know what you think!

Come see us soon!  

Your Journal Pal


ps...  The tickets are now on sale for our New Years Eve show in Fargo. Please call ahead before traveling. They say it's gonna sell out! Here's the website or contact me first!

November 27,2005   (note: We got 2 entrys this week!)

Hi everyone. We performed at the Dakota Magic Casino this past weekend and we all had a pretty good time! I really like how the lounge is set up and the stage was nice and spacious. We attracted a good mix of older and younger folks and the dance floor was often full. I even got into the act myself and danced with one lovely lady out in the crowd, which was fun. My overall stay was very pleasant, from the hotel room, to the food, to playing on stage. I hope we can come back very soon and entertain everyone all over again.

Thanks Tim,

Hi Everyone,We had a good weekend at the Dakota Magic casino.  Good crowds, lots of dancing, some old friends, and plenty of signed photos.  All in all, a fabulous time. Next week we head to the Dakota Souix casino in Watertown.  Tami is well liked there, so it should be a good 2 nights as well. Come see us if you can.



November 23,2005

Hello! First, I wanna say thanks to all of you for coming out to see us! We have had so much fun! I also wanna say thanks to Frank at The Turtle Creek Saloon for all of the hospitality! I was very excited to hear that he is putting on a Country Music Festival next summer! We can hardly wait! I am sure they will have more details available soon on the website. Thanks for looking at our website! And please come out and see us soon! Keep the email coming!




November 22, 2005

Hi All,

The Lights sent everyone home happy this weekend at Turtle Creek Saloon. I fondly refer to it as Frank's!  I'm looking forward to this weekend at the Dakota Magic Casino.  It's only 50 miles from my hometown of Milnor, North Dakota. I'll be staying there. Everyone eat lots of turkey and dance it off on Friday and Saturday night. Look me up.  I'll be the one with the big smile on my face!


November 7th, 2005


Hi there, folks. We played at the Git-R-Dun Saloon this past weekend and boy, what a fun time it was! All kinds of people young and old were out there dancing. Lots of whoopin' and hollerin' going on! It's nice to play for a crowd that is having a really good time. I'd like to give a special thanks to Jeff, Git-R-Dun's soundman, for making us sound extra good and keeping us informed of the mix throughout the night. I'm sure it helped us play and sing better too. It certainly did the trick for me, anyway! Looking forward to playing there again,hopefully sometime soon!


October 31, 2005

Hi Everyone,

Well, we're hitting it again after some time off.  I had a few fill-in nights and the Whackers played a couple times a week, so I stayed busy.  The other guys just lay around on their down time. I'm excited to play for an extra songs.  We learned a handful, so come out and cheer on Tami Lee. I've actually been teaching 6th graders general music the past 2 weeks, although Al says I don't know a thing about it. Fooled 'em again!

Take care,




October 30, 2005

Wow! I guess my constant nagging about the Journal worked! I see some of the other LIGHTS finally made an entry! Thanks Guys! Just what I wanted to see! Well hello again everybody! I thought I'd drop by and say howdy! We just had a week off, so we got together and worked up some new tunes! I am very excited to "try them out live!" We added a couple of my favorites so it should be fun. We also had a chance to finally shoot a new band picture! It'll be a while before we get all the finals back, but you can find the group shot on our press page or you can view them online at Advantage Photography. (Check them out and let me know what you think!). It looks as though we are gonna have a busy winter, that's good news. We hope to see all of you soon. I have been trying my best to get this website stuff done, but I'll be honest with ya, I am not the best at it! I am sorry some things have taken so long. The calender will be completed soon (this time I really mean it!), in the meantime, email me, and I'll get you the current dates. Thanks for all the emails and stuff, and keep them coming!

Thanks Gang!

See ya soon!

Your Pal




October 11, 2005

Well, another weekend at the Sportsman's Lodge.  I didn't think I could squeeze so much fun into 2 nights of playing.  I have always enjoyed my time there, as the staff is always so nice to us. Most of the folks in the crowd are there on vacation, so everyone is ready to party up.  I met some people from the Mpls/St Paul area and they were nice enough to have us over to their cabin for some late night beverages.  That's always fun! Don't know when we'll be back and I have no idea when we'll play again. We have some time off for now.  I NEED THE REST!!!

Flanders    (Jim)


October 4th, 2005

Hi all. Al and Tami have been naggin' me to make some comments about the places we have played, so I guess I'll start with a recent two-nighter at the Turtle Creek Saloon. One thing I like about the establishment is that it's actually fairly easy for me to hear all of us while we're up there on stage. This is always a great situation for bandmembers, as some acoustic environments are better than others. The Turtle Creek seems to lean to the better side and I'm grateful for that! I've played there twice now (my first time was at the end of May) and both times were a lot of fun. And of course, it's always great whenever the bar owner himself really likes the band, and Frank seems to enjoy himself whenever we play there. The feeling is definitely mutual.

We'll be back at the Turtle Creek in November. If you're in the area, look for us then! 



September 5th... Hello everybody! Happy Labor Day! I had some free time, so I thought I'd do some work on our website-but to be perfectly honest, I am too LAZY to do it now! Instead, I decided to write another entry for the Tami Journal! We just played 3 nights at The Sportsman's lodge near Baudette! It was a fun weekend! Thanks for checking out the site, as always feel free to email us!

Your Pal



August 12, 2005...

WE were finally back at the Shooting Star Casino!  We have been looking forward to it for some time! We had to turn down a few recent chances to play there because of other commitments, so we were VERY EXCITED to be back! Thanks to everyone for coming out and saying HELLO! We will be back at The Shooting Star in December! Visit the Shooting Star Website. Thanks for reading the Journal!

Love Tami


July 18, 2005...

Hi Everyone! We just got home from a "late night" street dance in Brainerd! I thought I'd check in and write a quick note! This weekend takes us to New Ulm, Minnesota, and then up to Bemidji for 2 nights at The 

Git-R-Done Saloon! I am sure it'll be FUN!




June 13,2005

Hi Gang…  This isn’t a “Tami Journal” at all! It’s more like the “Al Journal”!  I hope you don’t mind!  Believe me, I have been trying to get Tim and Petie to write something for this, but let me tell ya, It’s like pulling teeth! They should call us “Tami Lee, Al and The Procrastinators!”  bah-ha-ha-ha 

We just got back from a great weekend at Black Bear Casino near Duluth. I love going out there! I got to see some old friends and met some new ones too! Unfortunately we couldn’t take pictures there so we don’t have any to post. We did get some pictures up though. They are under the “gallery” page. There will be many more coming soon! Also, a couple weeks back we were at The Dakota Souix Casino near Watertown. There’s so many good people out there, it sure makes our job easy! We’ve been having a lot of fun, I hope to see you out on the road soon!  I know many of you have been watching for booking dates here on the website, and I sincerely apologize for not getting them all up. In the meantime, feel free to email me, and I’ll send you the upcoming dates!

By the way, I see I have been ignoring our webmaster guy, I haven’t even mentioned him lately!  He is great at this sort of thing; he works long days, and still bends over backwards to help us!  It is appreciated Scott! {link to yourself} Thanks!!!!

Thanks for coming out to see us, and please do it again!

Your Pal



Ps….  We are working on the TAMI MAIL thing I mentioned before…  Just send an email to, and we’ll get it set-up…  We hope to start using it soon! 

Oh… Thanks for reading the AL JOURNAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    


April 24,2005

Hello Again Everyone! I along with the Lights hope to see each of you soon! It looks like we’ll have a fun and busy summer. I hear we’ll be going to The Turtle Creek on Memorial Day weekend, I am sure that’ll be fun! Plus I heard there’s going to be a wedding dance too (ah for sweet!). Come out and see us, and keep checking this website for changes! Feel free to email us too, the addresses are under the “contact” page…



Hi Gang!


 It’s Sunday, February 6th….  And let me tell ya, it’s been cold up here!  We are seriously considering a “Southern Tour” for next winter!  Anyway, I wanted to do a  quick note for the journal. I just got back from a fun weekend in Chisholm, Minnesota. We even saw some old friends! Rocky Pierce and his brother Roy were there to sing a couple!!!  It was fun! We talked to the agent today, and I guess were going back to South Dakota soon!  I will try to keep you posted.  We love it there!

Thanks for checking out the site…  Email me your thoughts!

Ps….  We are thinking of doing a monthly newsletter thing… We’d call it TAMI MAIL.  Let me know if you are interested in signing up for it.  I will personally guarantee that it will NOT clog up your email…considering how slow I am at getting this website stuff done!!!! Bah-ha-ha-ha-ha

Thanks Gang!

Your Pal



January 16, 2005….  Hi Everyone, I am still getting used to this website stuff, needless to say I am still learning, so I apologize for not getting back to each of you! The emails are working now, so feel free to write! (Addresses are under CONTACT page)

We just had another fun weekend at The Turtle Creek Saloon. Frank is so good to us; I wish everyone in this business were as kind as he is! Tracy and Steve from “Jammin’ Country” were there too, it’s always fun to get together with other musicians! They sound great; check them out if you can! I know we are going back to Turtle Creek again in March-I hope I have the dates right! I think it’s March 11 and 12. (Shoot me an email, and I’ll let you know for sure!) Also check out their website at Please try to come out next time, I promise it’ll be fun!

We are still working on some dates for this summer, we will have them posted soon, I promise! Thanks everyone, hope to see you soon!!!   Love, Tami


January 2, 2005…  HAPPY NEW YEAR Gang!  As I write this we are at 4 Bears casino. We had a great New Years Eve out here, it was a lot of fun! The weather was nasty and cold, but I guess we can handle it, that’s what we get for living up north-RIGHT?!?!?! Our last show here is today at 3pm, it’ll be sad to leave! I just hope the roads are good on the way home! Our drummer is down in the casino right now, he spent a lot of time down there-he must be winnin’!!!!  Anyway, I am going down to the breakfast buffet, so I better run or it’ll be closed! You know how crabby a Lead Guitar Player gets when he don’t have his mornin’ Wheaties! Thanks for checking out our new site. We hope to see you soon!!!!  Thanks, ALAN


December 22, 2004… Happy Holidays everyone! It sure is an exciting time of the year! I just noticed that my last (and first) entry for the journal didn’t get posted! Oh well, I guess it got lost in the shuffle! Anyway, I just wanted to welcome you to my new website! I hope you enjoy it! Have a safe and happy holiday, and hope to see you at the 4 Bears Casino on New Years Eve!   Love, Tami


December 5, 2004… Thanks for checking out our new site! We got this thing up and running a few months ago, but I still haven’t got everything sent off to our web guru (sorry Scott!). I’ll keep plugging away! I also lost a few things in the process (sorry band!) We started going through pictures for the site, the only problem is, we have too many! It’s hard to choose! We played a private party here in Goodridge the other night, and we even got that crabby Rodell to come! (Thanks Ro!) We have a lot of pictures from the performance; I hope to get them posted soon! We’ve got a couple of weekends off, and then the holidays are here once again!  Amazing how time flies! BTW…. If you have any thoughts or suggestion on our new website feel free to email me, I’d love to hear from you! 

Thanks for stopping by, AL


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